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A seasoned professional in the real estate industry with a rich background and a proven track record. Born and raised in the picturesque Orange County, CA, Evan has established a notable presence in the real estate market.
With a remarkable achievement of selling over $350 million in coastal properties, Evan has demonstrated unparalleled expertise in navigating the nuances of high-value transactions. His keen understanding of the local market dynamics in Orange County has been instrumental in facilitating successful deals.
Beyond the coastal landscape, Evan has extended his influence across the nation by engaging in the strategic buying and selling of investment properties. This geographical diversification showcases a versatile skill set, indicating an ability to adapt and thrive in diverse real estate environments.
Specializing in Real Estate Private Equity, Evan has honed in on the art of identifying and acquiring value-added multifamily properties. The proficiency in this niche area reflects a deep understanding of the real estate market's intricacies, coupled with a strategic vision for maximizing property value.
With a commitment to excellence and a passion for real estate, Evan continues to leave an indelible mark on the industry. Whether it's unlocking the potential of coastal properties or delving into the complexities of private equity, he brings a wealth of experience and insight to every venture, making him a respected figure in the world of real estate.

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