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Forbes Global Properties is a robust resource for luxury home buyers and sellers—a curated consumer marketplace that connects discerning buyers directly to the world’s finest homes and the top-tier agents that represent them.


What Is Forbes Global Properties?

Established in 2020 as a showcase of luxury homes and an invitation-only association of real estate experts, Forbes Global Properties™ is the real estate partner of Forbes, one of the world’s most trusted media brands. Leveraging Forbes’ audience and worldwide reach, Forbes Global Properties introduces discerning buyers, sellers, and real estate aficionados to a curated collection of coveted homes around the globe.


What Sets Forbes Global Properties Apart?

No other luxury real estate platform has the same international reach or media power as Forbes. A broker-owned, broker-led organization, membership in Forbes Global Properties is reserved for only the most distinguished brokerage firms. The invitation- only network spans more than 440 locations and comprises approximately 13,000 luxury property experts across the U.S., Asia, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, the Middle East, New Zealand, and Europe.

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Why Forbes?


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Dominating Earned Media Reach in Real Estate

More earned media reach than any brand in the luxury real estate space. Forbes Global Properties benefits from an unparalleled brand halo effect and global brand awareness through Forbes


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FAQs & Talking Points

  • The right brand image is vital to success in business. A great brand is especially important in the marketing of high-end real estate.
  • Affluent homebuyers, especially those buying outside their primary home market, depend on established names they can trust.
  • Forbes is one of the world’s most trusted media brands, a brand with multi-generational appeal that luxury home buyers and sellers around the globe know and respect.
  • For more than 100 years, Forbes has been synonymous with entrepreneurship, success, and innovation. Forbes Magazine was voted #1 most trusted magazine in America.
  • Forbes Global Properties is the exclusive worldwide residential real estate partner of Forbes.
  • You are the company you keep. Our association with the Forbes brand is a strong endorsement for our company, our agents, and the luxury homes that we represent.
  • Real estate is local but is increasingly global. Luxury homes benefit from marketing to a global audience.
  • The Forbes name gives us instant recognition that we might not have otherwise had on a global level.
  • A potential homebuyer visiting our area from overseas or browsing forbes.com from San Francisco or London may not know our company, but they do know Forbes.
  • No other luxury real estate platform has the same global reach or media power as Forbes. The magazine has a readership of 5 million and forbes.com receives nearly 100 million global monthly visitors.
  • Being a part of Forbes Global Properties has given us an opportunity to introduce our market to new buyers and share the incredible lifestyle and luxurious homes available in our area.
  • Our luxury homes are promoted across Forbes and Forbes Global Properties print, digital, and social media channels with expert commentary, timely market data, and top-tier editorial.
  • Because membership in Forbes Global Properties is exclusive, we are the only firm in our area that can access these services in our market.
  • Through Forbes Global Properties, our luxury listings:
    • Are showcased on forbesglobalproperties.com alongside some of the finest homes in the world.
    • May be featured editorial opportunities in forbes.com and forbesglobalproperties.com
    • May be highlighted in high-visibility marketing venues including the forbesglobalproperties.com homepage, blog, social media channels.
    • Can be advertised in Forbes to potential homebuyers at deeply discounted rates.
  • forbesglobalproperties.com is a curated consumer marketplace, reserved exclusively for the world’s most exceptional homes. In our local market, only the most high-end homes represented by our company may be featured, typically homes priced above US $2 million.
  • When we list a new luxury property for sale, the home will be able to be seen by potential buyers around the world on forbesglobalproperties.com.
  • Sellers benefit by the immediate worldwide reach of Forbes. There is a global audience of HNWIs who are driven to Forbes because of the quality and the expertise that it conveys.
  • Because membership in Forbes Global Properties is exclusive, our company’s luxury listings are the only homes in our local area able to be presented on the site.
  • Properties on forbesglobalproperties.com are presented as they would appear in a luxury magazine, with compelling copy and visuals. Properties showcased on the site tell a story about an individual home.
  • Members of Forbes Global Properties are highly vetted, local market experts. Buyers are looking on the site can be confident that they’re contacting the local luxury expert representing each property.
  • We’re honored to have been selected as an exclusive Forbes Global Properties member and are proud to present (our area) to the world through Forbes. Being chosen to represent the brand speaks to our expertise and leadership position in the luxury market.
  • Forbes Global Properties is an invitation-only membership network of top-tier real estate brokerages.
  • Members have a demonstrated expertise in luxury home sales and are vetted, acknowledged experts.
  • The brokerages and agents that make up Forbes Global Properties are the best of the best in their markets. And because membership is exclusive in each area, we are not in competition with other members. That opens us up to a collegial network of expertise and clientele that is immensely powerful.
  • If I refer a buyer or seller to a fellow Forbes Global Properties member, I can be confident that the broker who receives the referral will give my client the same caliber of service and expertise that I’d give locally.
  • Luxury is not a price tag, it’s a level of service. It’s what we deliver and what we know our fellow members will deliver as well.
  • The network is truly global—as of September 2022, the Forbes Global Properties network spans 400 locations across 19 countries and is comprised of approximately 12,600 real estate specialists.

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